Vacuum Cleaner

Technology has not only transformed our lives but has also made things a bit better, less stressful, simpler to handle and use. A good example is the evolution of new cleaning machines and the smart designs, model and quality they come with. One benefit of using modern cleaning machines over traditional ones is that it requires very little maintenance, cleans better and faster, and it can last for ages.

Traditional cleaning machines are fast fading away from homes, offices, event centers and whatnot while modern cleaning machines are fast becoming widely available.

If you wish to make your house cleaner with dust-free floors and unblemished carpets, buying a vacuum cleaner is one of the best option to consider because it will change a lot of things especially in the way you work, the time you spend, and lots more.

Certainly, there are plenty of options to choose from when considering buying an affordable and valuable vacuum cleaner that you wouldn’t mind replacing once every couple of years.

Buying a vacuum cleaner for the first time isn’t really an easy task. In this section, we will explore and torchlight at least 5 important things to consider before choosing the best vacuum cleaners.

So what is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a device that makes use of an air pump to create a partial vacuum which sucks up dust and dirt from floors. Also known as a sweeper or hoover, vacuum cleaners also suck up dirt from surfaces like upholstery and draperies.

Vacuum Cleaner

The device, which comes in different sizes and models, is designed in such a way that a dustbag collects the dirt for later disposal and specialized shop vacuums can be used to suck up both dust and liquids – thanks to technological advancement.

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What should you consider before choosing the best vacuum cleaner?

There can be many reasons why you need, not just a vacuum cleaner, but the best of them. But have you considered the kind of cleaner that conforms to the standards required for effective and impressive vacuuming? A poor vacuum cleaner will give you a headache in more ways than one. So you need to consider the following:

The Type of vacuum cleaner you need

When it comes to cleaning, determining the type of cleaner is the first thing that comes to the mind. Importantly, the type of cleaner you need largely depends on the size of the area you need to vacuum. By the size of the area, I mean if you are vacuuming just a wall-to-wall carpet, rugs, uprights, especially with a bag, stairs, hardwood floors, laminated floors, or tile floors.

So to stay ahead, it’s critical to look at the size, power, and pushing or pulling weight before investing your money in any vacuum cleaner. If you are doing deep cleaning, especially if you are cleaning a polyester, nylon and other synthetic carpets, then you need to go for the Upright vacuum cleaners. The Upright vacuum cleaners are the best for thick carpets and are also simple to handle, easy to clean and store after use.

However, this cleaner is not ideal for floors without carpet as it usually scatters dust and scratches the floor due to its brush roll feature.

For cleaning bare floors, the Canister vacuum cleaners are the best. Though heavier than the Upright vacuum cleaners, the Canister cleaners can clean under drapes, furniture, stairs, and other upholstery. So they apparently offer such great maneuverability.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Stick vacuum cleaners are certainly the most portable and convenient of them all. They are designed in such a way that they can be handheld and also boasts of being electric and battery powered.

This cleaner helps a great deal in cleaning up floors. it is however, not really ideal for deep-carpet cleaning as it comes  with a smaller dirt bag.

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If you want a quicker cleaning of small areas such as the sofa set, blankets, tables, upholstery or even your car, then the Hand-held vacuum cleaner is the perfect device for the task.

If you the busy type, the Robotic vacuum cleaner is all you need. Too good to be true, this cleaner is more like a robot. It detects debris out of tight spots and quietly runs from one corner to corner on its own. In fact, you need not to flex your muscle as it does all work.

The last cleaner in this section is the Central vacuum cleaners. Though a bit heavy and big, it comes with 3 important parts: the vacuum body, hose, and power head. All you need to do is to use the extended hose and power head for vacuuming while the vacuum body stays at one corner of the home.

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Bagged or bagless cleaners 

For so many reasons, most people prefer the Bagless vacuum cleaners to the bagged. One, the bagless cleaner save on the cost of purchasing bags and also offer added convenience.

However, it requires more filters that need periodic cleaning. People with allergies are advised to always empty dirt in bagless container outdoors. On the other hand, bagged vacuums keep even the tiniest particles in its bag.


From our research and customers reviews, we can tell you that a vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush cleans carpets better than one powered only by suction. So it won’t be a bad idea considering vacuum models with a manual carpet pile-height adjustment control, along with suction control for cleaning draperies and other delicates.

Buying a vacuum with manual height adjustment features makes cleaning thick and high pile carpets become easy, as it is majorly based on the user’s preference.


Believe me, every strict customer doesn’t only appreciate the model and quality of any product purchased, the performance of such product counts also and can even determine if he’s likely to come back again or not. If you leave out the “sound option” while considering on which best vacuum cleaner to buy, you may end up being dissatisfied. Hence, why you need to consider the noise level of a vacuum cleaner before dipping your hands into your wallet for payment.

The best way to measure a vacuum cleaner’s noise level is in decibels. A vacuum cleaner that’s not so loud will allow you to hear a phone ring or a doorbell, which is the right kind to find. But buying a vacuum cleaner that’s unbearable to use because the loud and hard-hitting noise isn’t.

To be on the safe side, ensure that the noise level of any vacuum cleaner you would want to purchase is 75 decibels. It’s ideal at 75. If you want a vacuum cleaner that’s noiseless, buy one that’s operating below 66 decibels, as anything above 80 decibels can cause harm, especially after long-term exposure.

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Dust Capacity 

It won’t be a bad idea to buy a vacuum with a large dust capacity if you have a big house with lots of floor space to cover. Getting a big dust capacity helps you to deal with fewer bag changes and machine maintenance.

But you must know that the suction capacity plays a role in determining the dust capacity of a vacuum cleaner because the bigger the dirt inside the dust bag, the slower the air suction. So the ideal thing to do is stay away from filling the bag completely before cleaning it.

The size of the container fill inside a bagless vacuum cleaner depends on the size of the vacuum cleaner itself. So the bigger the space, the better the cleaning ability.

Efficiency of vacuum cleaner energy 

Whether you want to clean floors, carpets or stairs, you need something that has low energy use and cleans powerfully at the same time. So considering the power usage of cleaners before buying is very important.

Most cleaners are used twice a day and even takes up more energy than your heater, so you need to consider if you would want a cleaner with good efficiency or not.The power usage of a cleaner is determined in either “watts” or “amps”. An average household vacuum cleaner uses 500 to 3000 watts of energy, according to an energy calculator.

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However, you must not forget that the suction power of a vacuum cleaner is not the same as its power usage. A low-amp or low-watt vacuum cleaner can produce more suction power than a high-amp motor.

Do You Have A Pet?

It’s quite amazing to have your hairy pets around in your home. But trust me, any decent vacuum cleaner can suck up pet hair and odors – but those don’t work without your accompanying hand labor.

Vacuum Cleaner

So while bracing up for a vacuum cleaner, you might need to go for a robotic vacuum cleaner to save yourself the stress of pulling out hairs from the device. You are a little time away from having a sparkling environment with a robotic vacuum cleaner, all you need to do is to set the time correctly and then allow it to roll.

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In conclusion, buying the right and ideal vacuum cleaning device is one sure way to have a better cleaning result. It also helps in prolonging the life of the equipment, hence, why you need to take your time and make worthwhile considerations before paying for any vacuum cleaner.