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According to a recent study, loud music can potentially result in high energy, emotion and lots of excitement and is therefore preferred by many. Cranking up the volume of your amazing headphone can potentially make your experience with music more enjoyable, increasing both your physical and aural sensations. There are a couple of real reasons why high-amplitude volume holds such appeal. If you didn’t know, there is a small organ in your inner ear known as sacculus, and is believed to have a special connection with a section of your brain associated with the response to excitement and pleasure. According to research, this particular organ highly sensitive to low-frequency vibrations of over 90dB. As such, both club and live music are typically tailored to enhance sacculus stimulation. And the prospect of elevating or raising the loudness of your music raises the intensity of the whole experience. Simply put, loud music is a far much better stimulant for pleasure compared to soft music.

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Apparently, there is nothing worse than being limited regarding the volume and sound quality of your headphones. If you are such individual who’s currently using an underpowered headset which requires little extra juice for sound improvement, you’ve come to right place. Today in this particular post, we are going to discuss in excruciating details, the various possible ways of enhancing the volume of your headphones. Peruse through the article and take your music experience to another level.

How to Make Your Headphones Louder of of Better Quality

Take advantage of the amplifiers

All headphones are typical speakers, and this implies that they too, require an amp for volume enhancement. A significant number of audio devices come equipped with a built-in headphone amplifier. This may include tablets, computers, headsets as well as smartphones. However, bearing in mind that these audio devices are so small, it is somehow difficult to power the built in amplifier efficiently. What’s more, their miniature size reduces the overall sound performance. This significantly reduces the power output potential, a phenomenon that makes your headphone to become underpowered. Underpowered headset devices will typically have both reduced sound and volume quality. As a result, you often hear your audio distort, especially when your device is at high volume.

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Standalone headphone amplifiers are handy sound devices that can help you eliminate the whole problem. They have sufficient power output and space to satisfy your headphones. It is imperative to note that amps are only beneficial when the energy source is relatively small to meet the power requirements of a particular headphone. A set of headphones with a high impedance of around 300 ohms will typically need a lot more energy to move its drivers. In this scenario, the prospect of using an amp will prove useful.

Apps for increasing the volume

make your headphones louder

Thanks to technology, we now have a variety of incredible volume increasing applications that you can use. The first step here will be to examine the maximum volume limit on your device. Today, nearly every sound device comes already preset with audio output limitations intended to help prevent possible accidental ear damage. Third party sound apps are very efficient and can successfully improve the overall playback volume of your headphone to even something more appealing. The prospect of installing these applications will hopefully provide you with the extra juice your device requires. However, it is highly advisable that you should only use safe volumes. If you didn’t know, you could easily damage or impair your hearing permanently. For Android, the most preferred sound-improving apps may include Volume Control +, Volume Booster Pro and perhaps Ultimate Volume Booster. On the other hand, the fans of Apple devices may use SonicMax Pro, Equalizer and perhaps Volume Boost +.

Always keep your headphones clean

keep your headphone clean

For improved hygiene and sound quality, it is highly advisable that you regularly clean your headphones. After regular and extended use, your earbuds can potentially get pretty dirty perhaps after exposing them to all the wax and oils produced by your ears. Of course, there are lots of potential ways of how to make them clean and efficient. You may wipe them down with a gentle cloth and ensure that you don’t spoil them.

Add Velour Pads and enhance the feel and sound quality of your devices.

headphone ear pads

A substantial number of inexpensive headphones are often unable to produce a desirable sound quality. In fact, most of them are designed with faux leather which will always muffle the sound. However, one of the simplest methods to help increase the sound quality is to purchase velour ear pads for your underperforming headphones. You can easily replace them on your device, and you’ll have to remove the existing ear pads and replace them. This will allow you to experience the sound quality you’ve always craved for.

Make the headphones wireless by using a Bluetooth device

For a far much-improved sound quality, you can choose to make your headphones semi-wireless by using a Bluetooth-enabled machine, along with a Jabra Clipper. You’ll first have to plug your headphones into your Jabra Clipper and then plug that into your Bluetooth device. After successfully making this particular connection, you’ll have to go to the settings menu on your Bluetooth device and ensure that it is indeed recognized by the headphones. This will allow you to experience great and high sound quality.

The Bottom Line

Lots of over-the-ear headphone devices will have incredible sound isolation capability. This implies that you can always raise their volume without eliminating the overall audio appeal. Unfortunately, most in-ear models may come up short in this area, and this might as well force you to try and increase the volume for desirable sound quality. Thankfully, there are numerous possible ways of increasing the volume of your headphones without spending lots of cash buying alternative high-quality headphones. We have provided with proven and effective tips for making your music experience unforgettable.