One of the benefits of evolving in the technological growth isn’t just about the trends, but also to ensure an improved standard of living and like having a heated toilet seat, its all about comfort and style.

While having a heated toilet seat may sound new to some who have no flare for new trends, the new invention gives a perfect picture of style meeting comfort which is the main objective of the product’s inventors.

A heated toilet seat resembles a regular toilet seat in both form and function. As with a traditional toilet seat, the top cover swings down to cover the seat. The seat itself also swings upward. Installation is the same as that of a regular seat: Two bolts attach the seat and cover directly to the toilet body

Now more popular in most homes, some of the heated toilet seats operates with batteries while some use electricities. Most are durable with safe remote controlled functions and features while some have quiet self-closing designs to prevent damage to fingers and other precious body parts.

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So while many homes boast of luxurious bathrooms where people can unwind and relax in a warm Jacuzzi or heated spa, you can as well add a heated toilet seat to your list of 21st-century luxuries.

Here are five advantages of using a heated Toilet seat:

Advantages of a Heated Toilet Seat

1. Relaxes The Muscles And Relieves Arthritic Discomfort

Inventions like this come with lots of questions about what effect it has on people’s health. Though no notable health issue has been attributed to the use of heated toilet seat, one of the interesting facts about it remains that its a perfect tool for relaxing one’s nerves.

While a few heated toilet seats use materials that stores and uses body heat, most models use an electrical current that heats carbon cores positioned throughout the seat. Sitting on these kinds of toilet seat can actually relieve minor discomfort and aches as heat therapy is a well-known reliever of muscle aches and pains. For those suffering from arthritis and cold,  the heated seater would just be the best you would need to ease you from most pain and discomfort.

It is also believed that using a battery-heated or electric- toilet could reduce your chances of having night blindness which is usually caused by nearsightedness, cataracts, or vitamin A deficiency. Depending on the maker of your heated toilet seat, either battery power or house electricity provides the electrical current. You can control the heat with a small remote that is attached to the unit.

Some less expensive models, however, lack this feature and heat automatically when either plugged into the wall or when fresh batteries are inserted.

 2. Consumes Very Little Energy

When using an electric-heated toilet, you sure won’t need to worry about a crazy electricity bill as heated toilet seats of all models, use minimal electricity. The temperature is usually controlled with a power saving mode, which decreases energy consumption when not in use. This means that the seats, when not in use, goes into sleep mode so that little energy is required. As a result, you do not have to worry about its effect on your electric bill. They are environmentally friendly as well. Most interestingly, there are energy savings models available for very reasonable prices or better still, you can wire the seats along with the light in the bathroom so that the heater will only turn on only when the bathroom is occupied.

All you will enjoy using heated toilet seat

3. Enjoy Adjustable Water Temperature

You won’t also need to worry about how your toilet water is either too hot or too cold as most models of the heated toilets come with an adjustable water temperature which would allow you choose what water temperature you would need while in the restroom. This also suits all seasons as your desired water temperature can be used to soothe any inflamed tissues in your body and eliminates the frequent for toilet paper which can sometimes be irritating.

4. Deodorized And Self Cleaning 

One thing that disgusts us all about toilets is the thought of stench, germs or particles that come from the use of it. Most heated toilets come with self-cleaning nozzles that ensure that there are no germs or particles left behind after each use. seaters with stainless steel nozzles are usually prefered because, in addition to its self-cleaning roles, it provides answers to your concerns about germs and bacterias because the stainless material prevents bacterial growth. Also, toilets with in-built deodorizer also eliminate odour of any kind while still in use.

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5. Heated Air Dryer

Added to an odourless toilet, heated toilets also come with heated air dryers which is similar to a blow dryer that ladies use on your hairs. The gentle air from the dryer of comfortable warm air dries off your posterior and genital area after the bidet has finished cleaning these regions with water. You will also save money because you won’t need for toilet paper or a towel that must be washed frequently.