Best Scientific Calculator
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

Having a fully functional scientific calculator is necessary at school and at work. The best scientific calculators do more than just solving complex math. They are widely used in other disciplines including science and business. With many different manufacturers and brands offering a wide scientific calculator collection, you should ensure that your specific functions and needs are catered for before making your choice which is the reason we’ve eliminated the chaff and narrowed down the top-performing scientific calculators to the ones on this list.

Best Scientific Calculators

To choose the best scientific calculator, here are 6 most recommended options worth looking into;

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator

Best Scientific Calculators
Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator

In the wake of the color graphic calculator supremacy wars, this little calculator remains conveniently discreet. TI-36X Pro offers the user many graphing calculator features. This calculator now allows users to solve systems of linear and polynomial equations instantly. In addition, a dedicated equation solver capable of answering most x equations has been included.

Advanced Math and Calculus Features
With its enormous power reserve, 36X Pro will solve derivative and definite integrals for calculus easily. The screen is versatile enough to allow you to perform various functions. All the matrices will be edited in a different window, making it easier to perform A, B, C, etc. functions clearly. With this model, you enjoy even factors and complex numbers features.

Great User Interface
Just as the TI-30X Multiview, this calculator finds exact trigonometric values, simplifies radicals, expressions of pi and much more. Unlike many other calculators with 2nd and 3rd button functions, TI-36X Pro has multiple functions printed on certain buttons. All you have to do is repeatedly press until you reach your desired function.


  • Standard and graphing mathematical functions
  • Dedicated buttons for easy access to functions
  • Simple user interface
  • Large screen to accommodate more functions
  • Dedicated equation solver


  • You can’t achieve all functions of a graphing calculator

This incredibly powered scientific calculator is ideal for high school seniors, university students, and beyond. Its multiple functions can also be applied in the finance sector. Its graphing abilities are beyond reproach.

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Casio FX-300ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

Best Scientific Calculators
Casio X-300ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

Offering you an incredible 249 inbuilt functions, Casio PLUS enables you to easily carry out hyperbolic functions, trigonometry, fraction calculations and so much more. In addition to its protective hard case, this calculator has 2-line display for easier viewing. Its screen accommodates a total of 12 digits and you can scroll through the rest.

Powered by either a battery or solar, you will hardly run out of energy. You can store multiple formulae and solutions in its memory.

Calculations of Multiple Functions

Through its Multi-replay feature, this calculator allows you to double-check your calculations without losing your data. With this function, you can check your previous calculations as you go on with your work; alternatively, you can edit your work and calculate new solutions as you go along.

Large Display

On its double-line display, the calculator highlights the latest input and the current line. Just like in your typical math book, the finished work is easily legible and precisely accurate. This calculator has been certified, but not endorsed, for use by PSAT/NMQST and SAT-I/II.


  • Intuitive functions
  • Two-line natural textbook display
  • Solar-powered (battery backup)
  • Easier mathematical and scientific calculations
  • Protective slide-on case


  • Some functions synonymous with high-end scientific calculators are missing
  • The display could have been larger to accommodate graphing

This latest standard calculator by Casio improves math functionality through a realistic display. Students of all skill levels and ages can use it to precisely perform over 200 math functions.

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Texas Instruments TI-30X Multiview Calculator

Best Scientific Calculators
Texas Instruments TI-30S Multiview Calculator

Graphing calculators, though very useful, are not always necessary, especially for students. A simple standard calculator, such as the TI-30X Multiview, will often suffice. The TI-30 series has remained popular among students for decades. The input method in this model has been simplified to make it even easier to use for younger students.


This new calculator excels in all aspects where the former TI-30X II failed. Rather than two display lines, the user gets an incredible 4 lines of a display! that can show problems and their answers. All your figures and equations can be input just as they appear in the textbook, making it incredibly easy to operate.

Tip: With it, you can accurately return exact trigonometry function results.

Use Fraction Bars

Multiview allows the user to use fraction bars, making it much more intuitive. Afterward, one can format the formula as easily as if on a textbook. It is one of the few calculators which can find definitive answers for special trigonometric values involving radicals.


  • Entry is as easy as in textbooks
  • Students have more time to learn and internalize formulae
  • Its easy-to-use user interface makes it ideal for all ages
  • Over 200 math functions can be performed with it


  • It is not acceptable in select schools
  • It lacks the capacity to handle graphing

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Casio FX 115ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

Best Scientific Calculator
Casio FX 115ES PLUS Scientific Calculator

Coming with 40 scientific constants and 40 metric conversions, Casio FX 115ES gives you a lot to work with. Its display can accommodate 10 digits. As a standard scientific calculator, the display is similar to that of a typical textbook. With an incredible 417 inbuilt functions, there is virtually no math problem this calculator can’t solve.

A lit-based STAT data editor, logarithm log, Multi-replay function, and standard deviation, have seen significant improvement in math functionality.

Multiple Functions
With multiple functions displayed on its easy-to-use interface, one can compute fractions, regression and trigonometric analysis, and much more. With it, you can perform all necessary complex computations in calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and many other math disciplines. It is ideal for both advanced and basic math classes.

Charging and Display
Worried about having enough power? Casio FX 115ES uses solar power primarily, with the battery as a backup. This power is more than enough to perform graphing solutions without compromising the 10-digit display.


  • Easy to operate
  • Intuitive and neat user interface
  • Designed for students of all ages
  • Engineered for durability
  • Eliminates errors by showing exact formulae


  • Performs fewer functions than other high-end calculators
  • Is not be ideal for financial use

This calculator has been approved by leading examining bodies across the US. Whether you’re in statistics, biology, engineering, or chemistry, Casio FX 115ES is equipped to handle complex problems and give solutions instantly.

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Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

Best Scientific Calculator
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

Though Texas Instruments has released a color version of the TI-84 Plus (CE), most people still prefer this black and white version. Schools have widely invested in TI-84 software, owing to its stability and excellent performance. The calculator’s design has high school and college students in mind.

You can use TI-84 in many standardized exams including ACT, as it lacks the computer algebra that would otherwise make it inadmissible.

OS 2.53 MP

In 2010, Texas Instruments invested in this operating system, which makes calculus and algebra functions easier to perform by showing exponents and fractions just as on textbooks. Many new templates have been added to make the user’s experience even more rewarding. This big update places TI-84 a class above other calculators in its category.

Why Buy It?

With nearly 100% acceptance across the educational community, every student should consider having one. For the 30 years that graphing calculators have been used in learning institutions, Texas Instruments remains a prominent player offering unmatched reliability.

FYI: Most high school calculus and algebra textbooks have TI-84 usage directions printed on them.


  • Easy and clear to read
  • More fraction and exponential display functions
  • Certified and accepted across the educational board
  • Complete graphing features
  • Sufficiently powered and durable


  • Smaller in display than the TI-84 Pus CE
  • A lower resolution screen

Though not the cutting edge technology it was a few years back, this is still an incredibly good calculator, offering easy math solutions. Built like a tank, the user can easily upgrade the graphing software to accommodate all needs.

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Sharp EL-W516TBSL Advanced Scientific Calculator

Best Scientific Calculator
Sharp EL-W516TBSL Advanced Scientific Calculator

This Sharp calculator is quite impressive in capabilities and features. The well-organized display gives faster results than other calculators in its category. To make it easier for you to handle equations, this model offers clearer, nicer, wider, and taller displays. The keys are nicely spaced and appropriately colored to make special function access even easier.

Remembering Command History

Unlike other prominent brands and manufacturers, Sharp takes the pressure off you by remembering commands even after shut-off! You are free to review earlier commands and calculations and edit them later on. When you get an answer in the WriteView mode, simply press “change” to return it to another format.

This fairly comprehensive calculator requires no battery change as it accommodates solar power. The quality of the solar cells and overall sturdy build is compact. For you to avoid format inconveniences, selecting the one-line editor mode provides a quick fix.


  • Fast complex math computations
  • Clear display which accommodates formulae just as they appear on textbooks
  • Lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Does hundreds of complex calculus and algebra functions


  • Default WriteView mode is not suitable for all math problems
  • The display could have been more discreet

This functional calculator will help you solve complex problems and using the right format. Beginners find it easy to work with due to its easily accessible functions. Sharp has the perfect non-graphing, non-programmable calculator for all your computations.

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Types of Scientific Calculators

Depending on the scientific calculator class, you will be able to solve small or large variations of complex problems. Apart from scientific calculators which can be used to solved complex problems, there are graphic calculators for those in the finance and statistics field.

Scientific Calculators
Their design allows the user to quickly access mathematical functions more precisely. As standardized maths assessments gain popularity globally, these calculators are becoming a basic requirement. The user can input a whole equation and get a final answer.

Graphing Calculators
This goes a step further than a basic scientific calculator. If you constantly need to complete simultaneous equations, perform variables and other tasks, and plot graphs, these offer you the best solutions. Being highly customizable, they are best equipped to handle advanced mathematics. The display is larger to accommodate graphs and codes.

Financial Calculators
Similar in design and function to standard calculators, financial calculators feature shortcuts and quick-access keys around financial requirements. Just as graphic calculators, they are customizable to performing specific functions.


Shopping for the best scientific or graphing calculator is never a walk in the park. One must ensure the calculator’s functions and capabilities will serve all their needs. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus stands out as a graphing calculator that easily performs other scientific functions as well.