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After careful consideration of 30 different models over 24 hours, we determined that the Remington EP7030 is the best epilator for face, legs and bikini area for long lasting smooth skin. The device is equipped with 40 tweezers and a special facial head that makes it convenient to use, the two speed capability allows you to adjust as required for personalized efficiency, it can also be used both wet and dry as it is 100% waterproof, it also uses a rechargeable battery, something you don’t find in the other products out there

Facial hair may not be a big issue but for those who have it, it is not only an annoyance but is a cause of embarrassment. The bad thing about facial hair is that it is actually not easy to hide. This means that if you are burdened with facial hair, then people around you will easily notice. Facial hair growth is natural and common condition. However, if left unattended, it can easily mar a woman’s facial complexion and structure. Excessive facial hair can also lower a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately facial hair can easily be eliminated by selecting the right epilator. Selecting the right epilator will not only help to eliminate facial hair but will also make the experience relatively painless. However, with so many brands each claiming to manufacture quality facial epilators, many people are usually confused on which brand to choose. Are you looking for the best epilators for the face but you are wondering what to do to get the best brand on the market? If yes then today you have just landed on the right place because in this article, we have conducted extensive research and compiled a list of 5 best epilators for face.

Best Epilators for Face, Legs and Bikini Area

5. Emjoi Epi Slim AP-9L Cosmetic Hair Remover Review

best epilators for women

Emjoi Epi slim AP-9L epilator has an amazing design that makes it comfortable to hold when maneuvering over the contours of the face, legs or bikini area. This epilator is suitable for all types of hair but works perfectly with soft facial hair which makes it particularly beneficial for women who have hair around the sideburns, upper lip, chin and even underarm because it works well in precision hair removal. It is also very light and portable, making it suitable for women who travel frequently. It is equipped with 9 tweezers for maximum hair removal. The device is also very easy to use. All you need to do is simply to glide the epilator over the affected surface. Emoji Epi slim AP-9L can also be used on underarms and bikini line. The 9 tweezers that this device is equipped with ensures that the coarse hair is thoroughly plucked from the root. It get its ama power from double AA battery, a factor that gives it an upper hand when compared to epilators that are only powered by single AA battery.

4. Bellabe Facial Hair Remover Review

Best Epilator for women

Bellabe facial hair remover has a very unique design and functionality, a factor that makes it very effective. This epilator is recommended for women who have soft hair growth. This device is equipped with two handles with a spring between them. The handles are used to control the epilators movement while the spring help to capture and put the hair out by the root. Bellabe facial hair remover is very easy to use because all that you have to do is simply to position it over the affected area then turn the handle in either direction to enable the spring to put the hair out. Bending and twisting this epilator does not take much strength as it is usually the case with others with similar design. This is very important because it makes your experience enjoyable. This device is also affordable and easy to maintain. It is more effective in removing soft hair around the cheeks, chin and upper lip; the parts of the body that offer you the freedom to hold and operate both ends. Bellabe is affordable, effective, fast, easy, convenient and MADE IN U.S.A

3. Braun Face Silk Epil SE 810 Women’s Epilator Review

Best Epilator for women

The overall design and appearance of Braun face silk Epil SE 810 will make you fall in love with this epilator at first glance. It’s design is not only attractive but also makes it easy for you to use it. It is very flexible meaning that you can move with it comfortably around your face. It is very effective in removing coarse and thin hair. It is also very light, portable and ideal for women who travel a lot. Its head rotates in both ways as it moves meaning that it is one of the few epilators that can effectively eliminate facial hair in areas that other epilators cannot. What makes Braun face silk Epil SE 810 to stand out from others is the fact that is waterproof and does not make much noise when being used. It is also very popular because it is known to be less painful primarily because it does not pinch the skin unless you press very tight against your skin. It is very powerful despite the fact that it uses only a single AA battery.

2. Emjoi Epi Slim +E18 Epilator Review

Best Epilator For Face

If you have thick facial hair that other epilators have failed to pluck out, Emjoi Epi Slim +E18 is the best option for you. This is one of the few epilators that can effectively remove both thick and fine facial hair. Emjoi Company is well known for making epilators with high performance and Emjoi Epi Slim +E18 has even gotten better. This device is actually an upgrade of Emjoi Epi slim AP-9L with improved features in design and appearance as well as functionality. It is also very light and portable which makes it easy to maneuvre during operation. It has 18 tweezers which is actually twice what you have in the previous version and is much more quiet while in operation. Its efficiency makes the facial hair removal process easier and faster; removing about 85% of hair at a single pass.

1. Remington EP 7030 Women’s Epilator Review

best facial epilators for women
best epilators for women

This epilator has received positive reviews from many customers around the world because it is effective and easy to use. The device is equipped with 40 tweezers and a special facial head that makes it convenient to use. Unlike many epilating devices which are usually painful, Remington EP 7030 is very easy to use and usually gives an amazing experience. One thing that makes this epilator to stand out from others is the fact that it can be recharged. This is usually not the case, because many epilators usually run on AA batteries. With powerful rechargeable batteries and 40 tweezers, this epilator will deliver quality results that will even go beyond your expectations within a very short period of time. This device works well with every type of hair and can epilate upper lip hair, cheeks and chin as well as side burns. The fact that it uses rechargeable battery means that it is not only effective but also reliable.