Best Mountain Bike Pedals

We’ve searched the web to bring you the best mountain bike pedals for commuting by bike. Bike Pedals are a critical part of any bike, in fact, they are the means by which you transfer the energy from your body into your mountain bike’s engine to propel you along the trail. For beginners and well-established riders alike, bike pedals form one of the three essential contact points where the body and your bike meet and this implies that a great pedal must offer a suitable interface plus an element of control. Today’s mountain bike pedals are available in a broad range of sizes, styles, designs and shapes, a phenomenon that makes the prospect of finding the best mountain bike pedal a hard task. This article is written t simplify that for you
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How To Choose The Best Mountain Bike Pedals

As always, there are a couple of essential factors that should guide you towards finding the best available pedal out there.


When choosing your mountain bike pedal, the first factor you’ll have to consider is whether you want a clipless or a flat pedal. A significant number of entry-level mountain bikes are equipped with flat pedals designed from either metal or plastic. Flat pedals offer a variety of advantages, including:

  • They are highly affordable.
  • You don’t need to have special shoes to use them since any boots featuring a flat bottom will do the job.
  • It’s relatively more comfortable to bail off your bike if need be.

Platform pedal technology has undergone tremendous improvements in recent times, with the shape, the pins, and their overall grip becoming performance-oriented. On the other hand, clipless mountain bike pedals boast of a unique cleat that is attached to a mountain bike-specific shoe to provide the rider with an excellent connection and touch.

Some of the advantages they offer include:

  • They are efficient since the energy gets transferred to the entire pedal stroke.
  • They are relatively smaller than their clipless counterparts, and this means they can make riding through those rocks much more comfortable.
  • What’s more, clipless pedals will always keep your feet attached to your bike even on bumpy descents.


These types of pedals guarantee the advantages of both pedal types because they offer a broad platform and an incredible clipping mechanism. They are incredibly versatile and ideal for all kinds of terrains. This implies that they are an excellent choice for individuals who intend to use their mountain bikes for a wide variety of activities.

Other factors to consider:

  • Durability: You’ll always want to invest in a device that can serve you for an extended period. A great mountain bike should withstand the abuse of multiple scratches and rock bumps along the road.
  • Weight: Of course, lighter is usually better. However, lighter pedals are known to break after a relatively shorter span.
  • Adjustability: This mostly applies to clipless pedals where you may want to customize specific settings such as tension and float settings.

6 Best Mountain Pedals – Clipless, Platform and Combo

Wide Platform Mountain Bike Pedals by BC Bicycle Company

These mountain pedals are arguably the most popular at the moment, thanks to their reliability, straightforward adjustability, and simplicity. They are highly durable and feature an aluminium body construction that is equally lightweight.

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The pedal comes equipped with ten replaceable steel traction pins on every side. Thanks to its relatively larger size, it offers not only excellent grip but also stability and unmatched comfort. The pedals are specifically designed to serve you for an extended period, and two outstanding features account for the durability. First, it has Chromalloy axles that make for robust, long-lasting pedals. Secondly, its bearings are all sealed, and this ensures that you’ll only experience smooth-rolling pedals. What’s more, it is easy to maintain since it has a simple design. These pedals are great for BMX, MTB, Downhill, Road – 9/16″ Cr-Mo Spindle

BC Wide Platform Mountain Bike Pedals - Lightweight Aluminum Pedals for MTB, BMX, Downhill - 9/16 Cr-Mo Spindle - Flat Metal Platform with Removable Grip Pins – Multiple Color Options
38 Reviews
BC Wide Platform Mountain Bike Pedals - Lightweight Aluminum Pedals for MTB, BMX, Downhill - 9/16 Cr-Mo Spindle - Flat Metal Platform with Removable Grip Pins – Multiple Color Options
  • CNC MACHINED 6061 ALUMINIUM BODY - Machined aluminium body for a lightweight, durable construction.
  • 110 X 108MM PLATFORM WITH10 REPLACEABLE STEEL TRACTION PINS PER SIDE - Give yourself a place to hang on with 10 traction pins that bite in and stick your shoes to the pedal. The generously sized platform offers stability, comfort and grip while the low-profile design gives added ground clearance.

Bronmixc Mountain Bike Cycling Bike Pedals

Here another fantastic mountain pedal that is not only ultra-thin in size but equally light in weight. It has four sealed bearings, which together with an enclosed design, prevent dust, water, and other debris from entering its rotating shaft thus increasing its service life.

Its sixteen replicable skid-proof pins provide sufficient grip to prevent skidding while improving the non-slip effect, a factor that makes you adapt to the wild bike ridings. Its unique triangular structural construction, as well as the CNC integration, strengthen its overall structure, making it suitable for mountainous roads.

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VP-Vice Pedals VP Components Mountain Bike Pedals

If you are a mountain biker who values serviceability, durability, and comfortability, then this particular pedal should be your ultimate choice. Simply put, it is an incredible all-round trail flat.

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Its massive platform provides more than enough room for even some of your bulkiest shoes. The grip is impressive too, and you’ll never lose your footing even when you will be riding on rough sections of trail. It has twelve pins on every side, which are more than sufficient to bite into any shoe and keep you grounded. What’s more, the VP is fully rebuildable, and you can achieve this through the available rebuild kit. Again, you can choose to drop off a whopping 70 grams from the set with the available Forged Titanium Axle upgrade kit. It is relatively cheaper, yet offers superb performance.

VP Components Vice Downhill or Freeride Pedals (Pack of 2) (9/16-Inch, Red)
1,019 Reviews
VP Components Vice Downhill or Freeride Pedals (Pack of 2) (9/16-Inch, Red)
  • Durable and light weight/ CNC machined aluminum bodies
  • Superior grip low profile platform

Advanced RockBros 4 Bearings Mountain Pedals Platform

Despite being reasonably light, the RockBros is exceptionally durable and also boasts of big platforms with a secure grip. Its advanced four lubricated and sealed bearings, as well as its antiskid nails design, ensures better and comfortable grip.

Regarding durability, the aluminum alloy material and the Cr-Mo spindle ensures that the pedal will always withstand all types of abuses along the trail. The pedals are highly versatile and are suitable for old school, folding bike, road bike, mountain bike, dirt jumper as well as BMX bike.

ROCKBROS 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals MTB Padals Platform Flat Bike Pedals Aluminum Alloy 9/16'
1,372 Reviews
ROCKBROS 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals MTB Padals Platform Flat Bike Pedals Aluminum Alloy 9/16"
  • Smooth: Advanced 4 lubricated sealed bearings improve the overall feeling. The bike pedals provide a smooth minimal resistance experience and have no wobble or endplay.
  • Stable: Anti-skid nails design for grip gives better traction. Large platform flat pedals with plenty of surface area brings great stability in any riding condition.

Mountain Bike Imrider Pedals Sealed Bearing Bike Pedals

Measuring 100mm by 115mm by 23mm, the Imrider platform provides a decent-sized surface for your feet to sit on! Its sturdy and hard spindles guarantee adequate grips to your mountain bike to help keep a sudden disconnection at bay. It features an anti-skid surface, firm grasps that prevent any skidding.

It is also durability, and this is because it is made from aluminum alloy. The aluminum construction is equally lightweight, offering much-needed comfort. Though reasonably costly, this piece of equipment is worth your money.

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EagleRiding Composite 9/16 Inches Mountain Bike Pedals

This is arguably the best mountain bike pedal available out there on the market, and this is because of its highly impressive features. They are not only lightweight but equally extra wide to accommodate any shoe. Again, their size will allow you to step more safely while applying much less power.

The EagleRiding is also durable and features Nylon composite material that is not only waterproof but, also dustproof and anti-skidding.  Its Chromoly steel axle bearing offers more stability and extended service life.

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Choosing mountain bike pedals has been a straightforward job. It requires you to have relevant knowledge and a proper understanding of biking technology. Perhaps that’s why we started by giving the fundamental factors that you’ll have to know. From there, you can now assess all your options, based on your pocket and your needs. We have provided you with some of the most reliable, affordable, durable and efficient mountain bike pedals to choose from.