Bike is Suitable For a 4 Year Old

If you thought that choosing the right size of bike for your 4-year old kid was going to be easy, think again! It is very likely that you are going to find the purchase of the ideal bike for a 4-year old child far more difficult than what you would find when looking for bikes for older kids. When buying bikes for older kids, all you might need to consider is their height in order to determine the ideal size for them. By that time, they are able to improve their balancing abilities adequately enough to use a bike of appropriate size with sufficient ease. Determining the ideal size of bike for a 4 year old is much more complicated.

While it is a widely accepted fact that kids become capable of riding bikes at the early age of three, it takes them a great while to gain effective control over their balancing capabilities. With the growth in their body sizes as well as physical strength, their balancing abilities as well as their abilities to control their limb movements also improves. Hence, it is imperative to provide them with bikes that are not only appropriate for their ages, but also for their body sizes and balance control. Moreover, you might also need to consider the fact that children grow at a rapid pace during their early years.

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Hence, the bike that you purchase for them at an age of four may often become small for them by the time they reach the age of six or seven. Hence, you want to buy a bike for your 4-year old kid that not only serves them well at their current age, but also for a number of years in the future. This will help you save considerable amount of money as you do not have to purchase a new one for quite some time.

What is the ideal size of bike for your 4-year old kid?

Well, that would largely depend on the growth rate as well as the height and other body dimensions of your child at their current age. However, we are going to look at the average dimensions here, taking into consideration the average growth of children aged between three and six. Moreover, there are a number of different aspects that you have to consider when determining the ideal size of the bike to get for your 4-year old child. They include:

Size of the Wheels

For kids between the ages of three and five, the ideal bikes should have wheel sizes of 14 inches. This would position the bike at a height that would be ideal for the kids to balance appropriately while riding it. However, depending on the height of the kids, you could also opt for bikes with wheel sizes of 10-12 inches or 16-18 inches. However, you should ensure that your kid is able to reach the ground with his or her feet comfortably when properly mounted on the bike. This will ensure proper control of balance.

Bike Sizing Chart For Kids

Your Child’s Age Your Child’s Height Bike Wheel Size
1-3 years One-size balance bike
2-4 years 2’10” – 3’4″ 12-inch training wheel
3-5 years 3’1″ – 3’7″ 14-inch training wheel
5-7 years 3’7″ – 4’0″ 16-inch training wheel
7-9 years 4’0″ – 4’5″ 20-inch wheel
9-11 years 4’5″ – 4’9″ 24-inch wheel

Overall height of the bike

Although the size of the wheels is a determining factor for the eventual height of a bike, there are other aspects of the bike as well that can impact the height. These factors include the height of the structural design of the bike, the height of the seat, and a few others. Traditionally, the ideal bike for a 4-year old would be anywhere between 3 feet and 4 feet or approximately 95 cm to 120 cm. A bike with such height would certainly be deemed ideal for kids within the age group of 3-year old to 6-year old.

The weight of the bike

The overall weight of the bike would determine the extent of balance and control that a kid can experience on his or her bike. This would depend on the thickness of the frame as well as the amount of steel used in the manufacture of the bikes. The amount of weight that can be supported by the bike would also depend on the structural frame of the bike. However, what you must also consider here is the total weight that can be supported by the child without much difficulty.