Selle Italia Eyelink Bicycle Mirror

For riders it is important to incorporate the right body parts on their bicycles, not only to enhance their riding experience but also to ensure safe riding. Amidst all the competition in today’s market, Selle Italia has built a reputation for manufacturing and designing top quality products. The Eyelink Bicycle Mirror by Selle Italia has garnered much popularity from riders all over the world because of its exquisite design and high functionality. The following Selle Italia Eyelink Bicycle Mirror Review discusses all about this amazing product.

Selle Italia Eyelink Bicycle Mirror- Exclusive Features:

Improving Rider Rearview Visbility-This bicycle mirror by Selle Italia has been specifically designed to help rider improve their visibility without experiencing any discomfort while riding their bikes. It is extra-large in size and is made using a powerful combination of panoramic glass and carbon composite, which helps the rider to get an unobstructed and complete view of what is behind them. Moreover, this Eyelink is highly durable and prevents the mirror from vibrating when the bike is moving.

Clear And Wide Angle Viewing- The exclusive curvature radius of this rearview mirror offers a clear and wide viewing angle. And the best part is that if the mirror breaks, you can use the anti-splinter adhesive to contain the mirror up to an amazing 90%. You will also find a safety reflector at the back of the mirror.

Easy Installation- As far as installation is concerned, there is no complication in installing this mirror and you will need only a Velcro to install the mirror. This Eyelink Bicycle rearview mirror is perfect for all SRAM/Shimano bike STI levers.

Top Quality Materials- The body of this mirror is made using high quality nylon that can easily adapt to any lever structure using a Velcro to tighten the grip. You can also adjust the hinge horizontally, based on what angle you desire the mirror to be in. This mirror can be rotated in 360 and its gripping surface contains non-slip properties that provide you a comfortable grip on it.

Product Specifications:

The size of the mirror is 95 x 49mm

It comes with an integrated reflector on its back

Left mounting

Lightweight and sleek

It features T-20 star screw (adjusting)

The protective film helps in preventing splintering


Lightweight and durable

Clear and wide-angled view

Exquisitely built

Large-sized mirror

A special pivot makes this mirror vibration-resistant

Perfect for SRAM/Shimano bike levers

Non-slip, comfortable grip


Might vibrate a little

Final Verdict:

So, it is clear from the Selle Italia Eyelink Bicycle Mirror Review that this cycling mirror is highly advanced and has been carefully designed to ensure safety of the riders through wide and clear viewing area as well as the incorporation of a safety reflector. This amazing Eyelink Bicycle rearview mirror improves the safety of the rider, especially because it allows you to get full visibility of all that is going on right behind you, giving you ample time to stay prepared for any untoward incident or averting collisions. This Eyelink Bicycle Mirror by Selle Italia is worth your money as it guarantees complete safety when riding on a bike.