Best Bike Helmets

As a biker, you do not need a bicycle helmet, you need one of the best bicycle helmets. And it doesn’t matter whether you ride for leisure or something more. Also, it doesn’t matter how careful you ride, because the fault of a crash may not come from you.

It is the first call for any biker after getting your bike, because it may just be your saving grace. Most of the helmets you will get, however, meet the safety requirements and that is why they are in the market. Still, there are some that offer better safety than others.

After looking at the safety, there are the weight, ergonomics, and if you care too much, the looks of the helmet, to also consider.

Other things you may need to look at are the comfort of the helmet, its fit, ventilation, adjustability, and other features including the strap. It is important to realize that with a helmet, everything is important, from comfort to safety, retention, and everything else.

Team Obsidian Cycling Airflow Bike Helmets

The Obsidian Airflow is an excellent helmet that comes with as many safety features as needed, just as it is comfortable.

Typical or traditional helmets come round in shape, but this comes rather differently even though it is oval. Because of this, the fit is better and the comfort is good. To add to the comfort, it is also well padded. You can have the pads easily washed.

The helmet has 22 airflow vents which promise to keep you highly ventilated, hence it doesn’t overheat.

Easily, it is a very versatile helmet that is designed for different uses because you can get it for almost any kind of biking. More so, it has good adjustability whether you want to have it vertically or horizontally.

A lightweight and slim piece, the helmet has good security features. It easily expands and so holds together even when you have a very hard crash. Another thing that helps it keep together is that it has a very solid build


  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight
  • It is very versatile.
  • Good adjustability.


  • It only comes in black and white colors.

When it comes to looks, fit, and comfort, the Team Obsidian Cycling Airflow Bike Helmet stands out. The best thing about it is that it yet, is that it is good for almost any kind of biking, whether it is casual or mountain, urban, or road

Giro Savant Mips Bike Helmet

Giro has built and maintained its reputation as one company that delivers some of the best bicycle helmets out there. Helmets from the company have always been very different in functionality.

The difference it brings is mostly in relation to many other Aero biking helmets that have never stopped struggling to get comfort, ventilation, fit, safety, performance, and more all in one head. It is almost as though there is an unwritten agreement that they must sacrifice a thing or more, to achieve a few others. With Savant, Giro has shown it is possible to achieve all, and still have a perfect aero design. They have broken the pact on this one.

The helmet is a lightweight piece that is designed with 25 vents and highly performing air channels. There is also a secure fit to the helmet that is due to its Roc Loc 5 feature. What this does is to give it good retention to complement the great start in comfort others give.

Better than its comfort is the safety you get with the Giro Savant. It is further enhanced by the Giro’s in-mold technology which ensures that your safety doesn’t come uncomfortable and complicated. It also has the Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

Finally, the helmet delivers good performance and features including ports that allow you to use your glasses when biking.


  • It provides excellent cooling for summer biking.
  • Gives speed and performance.
  • Very durable.
  • Good fit and comfy.


  • Not the best for smaller heads.

With very simple and beautiful construction, the Giro Savant is an excellent choice for someone looking for good fit, comfort, and durability. It is a product that will stand the test of time and quality.

Smith Overtake Bicycle Helmet 

The Smith Overtake Helmet comes incorporated with a honeycomb structure in its aero design, standing it out from many others. The design gives one a reason to doubt if actually, Smith has been into sunglasses before it decides to surprise bikers.

Design aside, the helmet has a lot to offer, looking at its unique ventilation system that is enhanced by 21 vents. This, however, doesn’t still give it the best in terms of ventilation.

Where it takes home all available points is when it comes to comfort. The Overtake is lightweight and with its Vapor Fit system, tension is finely distributed to improve fit which goes on to improve comfort.

Because it is designed with Multi-directional Impact Protection System, the safety is improved as it ensures that impact is well controlled towards ensuring you don’t get any brain injuries thanks to the slip-plane technology utilized.

Finally, if you are a biker who loves biking with glasses, this is the pick for you, as it is designed to fit with the Smith Optics eyewear or other glasses even.


  • Unique and beautiful design
  • Light and comfy.
  • It features the MIPS.
  • Good fit and adjustability.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Not the best when it comes to ventilation.

Although this is not the cheapest biking helmet the market has to offer, it is definitely in a class of its own, and considering the value, it doesn’t chew more than it should bite.

Kask Mojito Bicycle Helmet

Nice design to fit many heads in a comfortable way. That is the simple definition of the Kask Mojito Helmet. It is worth noting before anything, that Kask has almost come in the same line with others including Giro in giving very good biking helmets.

With this one, it has developed one that is lightweight (maximum of 250g) to ensure you don’t get tired on long rides as well as one that will keep you in safety.

After ending the competition of safety and features, many biking helmets turn to the competition of design. Kask has got a foot in front with this aerodynamic helmet that comes with very good adjustability. Also with the design, I am not sure if there is any head shape that will outwit the Mojito

This pro helmet comes with very good ventilation with its 26 air vents, hence it is good even for warm seasons.

It is a wise choice for someone looking for an extra helmet for road biking. It is also good for mountain biking, even though it is ideal for the road.


  • Brilliant design.
  • It is a very comfortable helmet.
  • You can get it in many colors.
  • Considering the shape, the fit is excellent.


  • The quality of design, in the long run, doesn’t sustain. But with the build, it holds on for almost forever.

Sometimes the simple things that take away a piece from being among the best bicycle helmets are simply how it sits on your head. That is the strength of this lightweight and comfortable helmet. It fits properly and offers maximum safety.

Giro Aeon Bicycle Helmet

Almost more than any out there, and not just on the list, this is one of the lightest biking helmets you can get, at only 225g.

The helmet comes with good safety features including the Giro RocLoc5 retention system which ensures that the helmet sits tight on the head even when there is a crash.

With the Aeon helmet, ventilation is also good considering that it has a 24 vent system and good channeling to ensure that you get it all cool as you ride the mountains.

Apart from its weight, the helmet also has a great fit which has almost become the signature of Giro helmets over the years. Combining everything else, the Aeon is just one of the most comfortable you can get to use.

In the aspect of aesthetics, the Aeon is definitely not the most beautiful, but it is still pleasing to the eyes with is mostly no-nonsense looks.

Finally, as the name suggests, this plastic helmet will hold on and last for quite a long time, but don’t expect it to last forever, as it may not be able to achieve that. That said, the protection is top-notch.


  • Safe and absorbs shock.
  • Nicely ventilated
  • Feather-light.
  • Good fit and comfortable.
  • The quality is above average.


  • Not the cheapest on the list.
  • I would have loved to see that this comes with the Multi-directional Impact Protection system, even though that will only add to the weight.

This is the choice for someone looking for one of the lightest biking helmets that assure of performance. If you are looking for the best bicycle helmets for the mountains, this can be at the top of your list.

Mavic Notch Bike Helmet

Mavic is a very big name when it comes to biking kits. In the notch line, there are very great apparels including the helmet which is rather different in design from most others.

A lightweight piece, the helmet has a nice fitting for most people and the design is very simple with 18 vents and deep internal channeling which serve to keep your head cool. At the back head of the helmet is an extra cover, while at the front is a visor.

With only 18 vents the stress is more on protection than ventilation, even though when you consider the channeling, you will see that it is still done not to lose out on ventilation and comfort.

The Ergo Hold retention system is also good, just as it is with the padding which is well spread. The only place where the helmet drags the feet is when you are looking at the longevity of the pads used.

When you put everything together, the Mavic Notch Helmet is a very good piece that has beauty and performance to offer. I will recommend this for people that have smaller and above head sizes because it may not fit you excellently if your head is on the smaller side.


  • Good retention system.
  • Aesthetically nice.
  • Offers full rear coverage.


  • The padding doesn’t promise to hold for a very long time.

This may not be the first or second pick, but it is still a good one for someone looking for a helmet that will deliver your safety above everything else. It also has much beauty and considerable comfort.


It is really important to understand that what defines the best bicycle helmets is not the price. Instead, it is how well built, how comfortable, intelligent, and fit, among other things that draw the line and separates one from the other.

Basically, helmets are selected to offer protection, but before settling for any, you need to put the need in front. If you need the best bicycle helmets as a competitive biker, your pick should be the aero helmets such as the Smith Overtake Helmet because they offer added speed, and if you need a versatile helmet, your choice on the list is the Giro Savant.