Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bike Mirrors

When on the road, whether as a driver, a rider or a bystander it is of the essence to be aware of your surroundings. For riders, staying alert and frequently looking at their cycling mirrors is a key element in avoiding potentially deadly accidents. Mirrors enable the riders to get a near-360-degree view of their surroundings. Staying updated and sharp helps in making better decisions when on the road as well as improving navigation. While changing lanes, stopping or changing routes altogether, uncertainty can be fatal. Not being certain about the path to select can leave the rider baffled and in an unfordable state for himself and those around him. These circumstances accurately depict the importance of having a cycling mirror. However, purchasing the incorrect or wrong type of cycling mirror is just as – if not more, dire than purchasing none at all.

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In many cases, the first problem is paying little to no attention to the importance of selecting a cycling mirror. Cycling mirrors target different orientations of a singular view, these orientations guide the riders to make a timely decision and avoid fatalities. Hence selecting the best type of cycling mirror requires an investment of time and brain power to avoid mistakes out on the road. Following are the top 5 deadliest mistakes made while purchasing bicycling Mirrors:

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bicycle Mirrors

Picking One at Random

There are verities of cycling mirrors available in the market. Ranging from Handle bar mirrors, Helmet mirrors, Eyeglass mounted mirrors to on-lens mirrors. The most common mistake made by most buyers is just selecting on at random. While all these mirrors are custom designed to serve the same purpose of improving navigation, how well they are used is also a factor in the equation. Mirrors should be selected based on the most convenient way of use for the users. A person who frequently looks at his handlebar should get a handlebar mirror.

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Not Considering Mirror Safety

Another variable is not considering the safety the mirror itself can provide. Using a cycling mirror improves safety as it allows the rider to better move through traffic. However, in case of an accident, if the mirror were to shatter it can potentially damage the user on Impact. Therefore, mirror safety comes into question in terms of resistance and endurance.

Not Considering Mirror Weight

While not considered a major problem for some, the weight of the mirror causes issues eventually. Especially for helmet and glasses cycling mirrors. The heavy weight of mirrors can potentially cause migraines and headaches in some cases or cause uneasiness in other cases.

Adjustability & Rigidity

Some mirrors are easily adjustable and can be moved according to the requirements of the users. However, riders pay no attention to this important factor and avoidance can lead to a lesser range of view and less accurate assumptions.

Compromising Robustness

The lighter the weight, the better is the cycling mirror. However, being light weight has nothing to do with compromising robustness. A cycling mirror should be strong enough to withstand any bumps and hits. Flimsy mirrors can bend and crack at the stem.