Rear View Mirrors For a Road Bike

Over the years, road bikes have gained a certain level of hype, and are a popular favorite. While providing fun and joyful experience they cannot afford to compromise in terms of safety for the users. Rear view mirrors play an important role in helping the riders navigate their way through traffic. Additionally, rear view mirrors have become a fundamental part of the “riding-experience,” whether it’s just a ride around the corner to a full-fledge riding trip with friends, their significance is undeniable. However, to gain the most out of your biking experience it is important to select the best rare view mirror the market has to offer. The following are some of the top contenders that are currently competing for the top position.

The Eye Glass Mirror

As the name suggests, the eye glass mirror is a small rear view mirror that can be attached to your sunglasses. It can be positioned according to the preference of the rider and the adjustments of the view according to the rider’s preference. While the eye glass mirror is comparatively small in size, it does manage to efficiently get the job done. An additional benefit of this mirror is due to its requirements to be attached to a pair of sunglasses or glasses, it is astonishingly lightweight. However, it’s incredibly small size makes it harder for most riders to accurately understand the objects approaching from behind and hence does not contribute to efficient decision making. Additionally, its greatest strength i.e. its size is also its weakness. Its attachable nature makes it vulnerable to flimsiness and it can fall off if the impact is great enough to cause a disturbance. Yet this glass mirror is ideal for short trips and is the product of choice for people who don’t mind a smaller view.

The RearViz Mirror

It is a Velcro strap attached rear view mirror that is worn on one’s wrist. A major benefit of this rear view mirror is that it can rotate 360° and pivots back and forth to provide the ideal adjustment for its user. The concept of this mirror is somewhat similar to mirrors placed on handlebars that reach the farthest end to provide a wider range of view. Similarly, RearViz mirrors are attached to the rider’s arm, the rider’s arm is placed on the handlebar i.e. the farthest part. Hence providing a wide range of view for the user. In most cases, vibrations from riding on a bumpy road will be eliminated as shocks are absorbed by your hands when riding. However, a time period is required to get used to this sort of adjustment.

The Road Bike Mirror

It is a convex glass made a mirror that can be attached to the end of the handle strap. It is non-adjustable once the placement is done and works similar to a handlebar mirror. Additionally, it is of a smaller size, delivers optical quality and is of a lightweight. Its presence does not impact the quality of the user’s ride in any way due to its lightweight structure. What’s more, is it prevents neck strains as the users would have gotten if they used helmet mirrors instead. Road turbulence will, however, influence the quality of the reflection being shown.