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SVmini-2 CMOS Digital Camera

The SVmini-2 is the lowest cost – High Quality digital camera in the world. It is based upon a revolutionary Active Pixel CMOS image sensor that provides 1000×800 pixel high quality 30 bits/pixel images. A 4 element coated glass lens provides focus free operation from 1m to infinity. Sound records can be acquired with the built in microphone.

An automatic electronic flash provides additional illumination when required. Images and accompanying sound can be stored either in camera internal memory or in a removable memory card that can hold up to 1200 images.

This camera establishes new criteria for low cost and high-quality digital capture.

The SVmini-2 Features:

  • High Quality images (1000×800 x 30bits/pixel)
  • Wavelet compression
  • Integrated Automatic Electronic Flash with “Fill operation”
  • Removable Memory Cards
  • Sound Recording
  • Optional Windows for Video Driver (CU-SEEME compatibility)


Lens f/4 fixed focus 4 element glass – (1m to infinity)
Shutter 1 Second to 1/2000 Second Automatic Exposure
Sensor CMOS Active Pixel Array
Internal Processor Texas Instruments TMS320C203
Interface RS-232 (up to 115kbaud)
Resolution 800 x 1000 pixels (with 4 color: RGBT dye set)
Dynamic Range 10 bit A/D or 30 bits per pixel
Internal Memory 2.5Mbytes (500kBytes for image and sound )
Electronic Flash Yes (automatic)
Removable Memory Linear Flash cards of 2 to 16 Mbytes
Compression Wavelet (licensed from AWARE Inc.)
Batteries 6AA
External Power 6Volt DC (A/C Power Adapter Available)
Size 5 inches x 2.5 inches x 1.75 inches
Weight 6 Oz.
Software IBM-PC Windows ’95, or Macintosh
Sound Recording Yes (up to 20 seconds per picture)
Self Timer 12 Seconds
Live Video Up to 2 frames per second (low resolution)

Host Software

  • PC Software – Version 2 of SVmini

The IBM-PC, Windows’95 software is included with the basic camera. You can review the user manual to familiarize yourself with its operation. This requires a PC with 16mbytes of ram running Windows’95 or Windows NT.

  • Macintosh

The Macintosh Software is not included with the standard product. However, it is a no-charge option that you can select. This requires a Power PC with System 7 or higher and 16mbytes of RAM.


  • A/C Power Adapter – 110VAC to 6VDC Regulated Power supply

The A/C Power Adapter allows you to conserve battery life when downloading images from your camera to your host computer. This option is not required.

  • Linear Flash Memory Cards – Ranging from 2 to 16 Megabytes.

The Basic SVmini-2 Camera has .5mbytes of NVRAM available for the storage of pictures and sound. A typical picture can range in size from 50kbytes to 100kbytes depending upon the quality level selected by the user. Therefore, you can store anywhere from 5 to 10 pictures in the basic camera. Linear Flash Memory Cards can be inserted into your camera in order to increase the memory storage. These cards are not readable by your PC. Their contents are downloaded to your PC through your Serial Line Connection. Each megabyte of storage offers approximately 10 to 20 pictures depending upon quality. Cards range in size from 2 to 16 megabytes.

  • Video for Windows Driver

The Video for Windows Driver allows the use of the SVmini-2 with popular internet video teleconferencing programs like CU-SEEME, NETMEETING and others. Low resolution (50×60 and 100×120) and modest frame rates (1/4 to 2 frames per second) are achievable.

CMOS-PRO Digital Camera


The CMOS-PRO is the world’s first CMOS digital camera specifically designed for the Microscopy Professional. It produces stunning, high quality images that are ideally suited to Analysis and Publication requirements. Installation is a simple connection to a standard PC through the ECP Parallel port. Its TWAIN compliant driver allows complete control of the camera including a live “video” display while setting up.

The CMOS-PRO establishes a new criteria in cost/performance for the professional microscopist. In addition, it uses a family of convenient, readily available and inexpensive C-mount lenses that can be used for sample photography. It is completely compatible with any flash or continuous lighting source. Two models are available: A color unit for live action color photography and a monochrome unit that offers ultra high quality 3-shot color images of stationary subjects or monochrome moving subject photography.