Star wars ugly christmas sweater

The festive season is always full of fun activities. However, the popular ugly Christmas sweater party is arguably one of the most memorable ones. Friends and family converge to drink, eat and merry while putting on fantastic holiday sweaters featuring some of the most admirable designs. The prospect of putting on these types of sweaters is usually an unforgettable experience, with particular sweaters good for a laugh and even an individual with the ugliest outfit winning some prizes.

Practically, it is relatively hard to imagine that at some point, these sweaters were considered as unwanted gifts. However, thanks to their uniqueness, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater has become a popular annual tradition. In fact, this ideology has become common enough to inspire a broad range of purposefully created ugly Christmas sweater designs.

Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters

If you are an individual who is seeking to introduce the ugly Christmas sweater tradition to his or her holiday during this festive season, we are providing you with an exclusive list of the best star wars most vicious, yet most sturdy and beautiful Christmas sweaters currently available out there on the market.

1. Star Wars Vader Claus Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you are an ardent fan of Stars Wars out there, then getting the Vader Claus Star Wars sweater for your holiday season is a must! There is no doubt that Star Wars is the most popular film franchise in the history of the movies. The Vader Claus is an officially licensed sweater that features an acrylic material. Typically, it is a long-sleeve pullover and sweater with knit snowflakes and Vader Claus donning a red Santa hat. Other incredible features include a ribbed hem, crew neckline as well as cuffs!

Despite being an artificial fiber, the acrylic material tends to last longer as compared to lots of other related materials. Again, this implies that the sweater is washable and this is great for people who love easy-care products. This particular sweater also boasts of double-needle wrists and waistband for extra durability. Simply put, it fits the bill as one of the ugliest Star Wars Christmas sweaters out there!

2. Star Wars Stormtrooper Ugly Christmas Sweater

Join in this season’s best festivities with this almost perfect ugly Christmas sweater featuring stormtroopers! The product is officially licensed and is sixty percent cotton and forty percent polyester, and this means that it will potentially withstand all the occasional abuses thus serving you for an extended period.

Its white, red and black decorated background features stunning stormtrooper heads on the abdomen. The wrist, waistlines as well as the neck of this long-sleeved sweater are all trimmed in red. For extra durability, the wrists, as well as the waistband, are double-needled. The material is exceptionally soft and non-itchy, a phenomenon that makes it an ideal combination with any shirt underneath! If you are a real Star Wars fan, this product is an absolute must-have during the holiday season.

3. Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star wars ugly christmas sweater

This particular Star Wars ugly sweater will make you the epicenter of whatever function you happen to be attending over the festive season. It is a hundred percent made of acrylic and imported. This implies that you can safely wash it using your hands. Typically, it is a colorful long-sleeve pullover sweater featuring imperial imagery, zigzags, and knit snowflakes at the waist and front yoke.

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It is incredibly comfortable to wear, offers durability and equally boasts of an appealing design with top-end printing that is entirely hand-washable. Any man out there who is a true fan of Star Wars will fall in love with this ugly Christmas pullover.

4. Men’s Star Wars Ugly Holiday Sweater

Star wars ugly christmas sweater

Show off your undisputed love of Star Wars by putting on this killer ugly yet amazing Christmas sweater. Stormtroopers and Darth Vader are all over this classy and typical bad boy item! With it at your disposal, you will be ultimate Star Wars geek this festive season.

It is reasonably durable, bearing in mind that it features sixty percent cotton and forty percent polyester. What’s more, it is officially licensed. Thanks to the unmatched printing, this particular ugly Christmas sweater is entirely machine washable. The wrist, neck as well as the waistband is red in color and double-needled for additional strength.

5. R2D2 Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater

Star wars ugly christmas sweater

Here is another incredible ugly Star Wars Christmas sweater. It is an officially licensed product and is a hundred percent acrylic, implying that it is hand washed. It is blue and features an image of R2D2 amongst a plethora of Christmas decorations in white, black, yellow, red and blue as well.

It is imperative to note that this is a long-sleeve sweater which is R2D2 decked with stunning holiday lights and knit snowy scene. It is highly advisable that you should always turn it inside out when hand-washing it just to preserve its screen printing design. If you are either a fan of R2D2 or Star War, this should be your perfect fit.

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6. Men’s Star Wars Christmas Sweater

Star wars ugly christmas sweater

Made of a hundred percent acrylic, this particular ugly Star Wars Christmas sweater is not only durable but equally easy to clean and comfortable to wear. The sweater is long-sleeve and features beautifully crafted and knit Hoth-inspired fight scene and snowflakes. It is majorly blue, even though there are some parts in black and white. The wrists, as well as the waistband, are double-stitched to provide the much-needed durability. Overall, it is a typical ugly Christmas sweater worth considering for a buy this Christmas season.

Star Wars ugly Christmas sweaters will always work for nearly all Christmas party occasions. Because ugly Christmas sweater parties and events are have become extremely popular. Any of these great-looking ugly Christmas sweaters will make your festive season not only enjoyable but will equally make you a strong competitor in every competition involving the ugliest Star Wars Christmas sweater!

Of course, if you have some basic sewing knowledge, you may as well choose to customize your own ugly Christmas sweater using kits which you can get from local stores. The kits usually include the sweater, beads, bows, ribbons, snowmen, reindeer, cutouts of Santa, snowflakes, and bells.