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Sound Vision Inc. is a Boston based, venture-backed fabless semiconductor company, founded in 1995 by members of the Leaf Systems management team, including Jim Dunn and Jose DoVal, Sound Vision’s current VP Business Development and VP Manufacturing. Leaf was the first company to develop commercially successful digital photography systems and products to meet the needs of high-end studio photographers by providing a snap-in digital back for the most popular studio camera brands.

Sound Vision’s first revenue came from a contract with a major OEM to develop a design for a digital camera using the emerging CMOS detector technology. This design was brought to market in 1996 under a variety of brand names. At that time, Sound Vision began a program to develop its own semiconductor design, culminating in the release of the Clarity ASIC in 1998.

Sound Vision was quickly recognized within the industry as the premier design house for digital cameras using CMOS sensors, and entered into development agreements with sensor manufacturers including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Conexant, Hyundai, etc. to build reference designs. These designs were sold by Sound Vision to manufacturers of digital cameras in Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

In April of 2000, with an infusion of $21 million in venture funding Sound Vision embarked on a strategy to develop Clarity-based reference designs for new types of consumer electronic devices such as MP3 players, Karaoke devices, TV based image readers for popular types of memory cards, etc. Some of these products were manufactured by Sound Vision in Asia for OEM customers who sold them under their own brand name. Sound Vision has also built products under its own Armchair Electronics brand.


Sound Vision continues to design, manufacture and market its clarity line of semi-conductors to a variety of OEM customers worldwide. Sound Vision is also developing consumer products under its armchair electronic brand, that leverage the rapid convergence of services enabled by the internet and wireless technologies.