Best Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater

We’ve taken out time to sieve the mass of Christmas sweaters out there. If you’ve been searching for the perfect men’s ugly Christmas sweaters, your search is over!

Here, we narrowed our judgment down to ugly Christmas sweaters for men. Considering the appropriateness of each sweater in terms of being superbly-unattractive and awful-looking to engender hilarious, memorable fun for the season, we also regarded the preparedness of the garments in satisfying the prime reasons why sweaters are necessary clothing.

As this got us looking at the materials used in making the sweaters, we among other things, examined the breathability of the materials and their feel on the skin. Eventually, we found that the products listed here are the best men’s ugly Christmas Sweaters. While they are ugly, they are comfortable to wear and of good-quality.

Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Reviews

Tipsyelves Jingle Bros Ugly Christmas Sweater for Men

Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater

With Santa and Jesus posing as “Jingle Bros”, it would be difficult for one to not fancy this wear. Tipsyelves’ talks about making sweaters that put all other ugly Christmas sweaters to shame have really been validated by this garment. It is a funny, ugly Christmas sweater that jingles the bells of everyone around, makes them smile for the season and then wonder if Christmas is all about Santa or Jesus. Team Santa or Team Jesus, the paring of the two Christmas personalities was intended to make everyone happy.

Completely made with premium acrylic yarn, this sweater has a double panel construction and reinforced seams. As such, one can only hope for having a high-quality sweater. Meanwhile, the sweater remarkably controls moisture to provide and sustain comfort. More to that, it is super-soft and stretches easily. This enhances comfort and, owing to the softness and comfort, the garment can be worn on top of all kinds of outfit.


  • A machine-washable sweater;
  • The fit is true to size;
  • High in quality, very durable;
  • Super-soft and very comfortable;
  • Remarkably controls moisture to sustain comfort;
  • Makes a cool casual wear.


  • Could be lighter in weight.


Tipsyelves Jingle Bros is a great buy for anyone looking for a funny and ugly Christmas sweater that will gather a bunch of compliments from everyone around. With this garment, your fellow holiday party-goers are bound to acknowledge your better judgement of the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. Its comfortable fit and breathability will keep you completely satisfied.

Blizzard Bay Men’s Vomiting Unicorn Christmas Sweater

Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater

You are bound to stop searching for the right, fine, ugly Christmas sweater to get for your husband, fiance, brothers and male buddies the moment you come across the Blizzard Bay Men’s Vomiting Unicorn. Themed with a Christmas and silent winter design, the holiday sweater has beautiful light-emitting diode motif creatively incorporated into a humorous and festive pattern which reminds everyone it’s Christmas.

The green, red and white coloured clothing was completely made out of cotton. As such, it has an amazing comfy feel. Even when it’s warm, the skin breaths well to remain cool. While the sweater is breathable to sustain the cool feel, it also keeps the body moderately warm. Vomiting unicorn can be worn untucked on top of almost any outfit, works fine with denim and is very comfortable next to the skin.


  • Very unattractive; with super-weird lights
  • Fashionable and stylish for the Christmas season;
  • Wholly made out of cotton, keeps the body decently warm;
  • Has an amazing comfy feel, fits perfectly;
  • The quality is great;
  • It’s machine-washable;
  • Very breathable and comfortable next to the skin.


  • You can only enjoy the weirdness of the LED lights as long as it lasts;


Given the good texture of this sweater which extensively made it very comfortable next to the skin and it’s weight, the comfortable fit and the fact that it is fashionable, stylish and ideal to get one into the festive spirit, it is a must-buy and a wonderful gift of laughter for daddies, brothers, husbands and boyfriends. 

Festified Men’s Excited Snowman Sweater

Festified likes thinking they revolutionized the ugly Christmas sweater scene when they first launched their naughty Christmas collection in 2010. This sounds braggadocious but then, you wouldn’t hesitate to give the holiday clothing company a thumbs up for its collections of tacky Christmas sweater. Prominent among the collections is the Men’s Excited Snowman Ugly Christmas sweater. The machine-washable wear was made with abundant ultra-soft acrylic and a fair percentage of wool yarn.  It comes in different men’s sizes from small to 5X-large and, is of high-quality with double sewn seams.

While the sweater attracts remarkable attention because of its inappropriateness, its blue striped sleeves, red and white accents shouts-out “Merry Christmas” to everyone. Beyond being a funny, ugly Christmas sweater, it is a comfortable wear finely made to not cause an allergic reaction, or irritate the skin. The clothing can be worn on daily basis and almost in all kinds of circumstance.


  • It is a breathable and comfortable wear;
  • Comes in different men’s sizes;
  • Can be laundered by washing machine;
  • Of high-quality with double sewn seams;
  • Fit is great;
  • Ugly, funny and inappropriate wear;
  • Stylish with denim.


  • People may find the humour offensive.


The Festified Men’s Excited Snowman is so ugly a beautiful Christmas gift for the guys in our lives. If you have been looking for the perfect Christmas sweater for men, you’d be glad to settle for this Festified product. The clothing is funny and ugly enough to spread the festive joy and didn’t compromise on comfort and fit.

Santa Light Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater

For most men, ugly is not enough – they want their Christmas Sweaters uglier than a monkey’s armpit. To be fair, no manufacturer has made an ugly Christmas sweater that’s worthy of the monkey’s armpit description. Nonetheless, this clothing would score a decent, high point for its ugliness which was enhanced by the little Christmas lighting added to it. Majorly crafted out of cotton and lesser acrylic, the men’s wear has 4 LED flashing lights that come on and flash with movement. This intensifies the unattractiveness of the pullover Christmas sweater.

The machine-washable wear was designed to have contrasting ribbed collar, hem and cuffs. You will find that the material of this sweater is of good quality. It is poised to withstand wear from regular washing. More to that, the garment is absorbent. This way, it removes liquid from the skin and transmits moisture away from the body, in line with a good reason you need a sweater in the first place.


  • Fits well as expected;
  • Very breathable, it transmits moisture away from the body;
  • A machine-washable wear;
  • Can withstand wear from regular washing;
  • Has LED lights that intensify ugliness;
  • Very comfortable to wear.


  • You may have issues with the lights.


If you don’t need just an ugly Christmas sweater, but one that’s much uglier to wipe out all the memories of those Christmas members of your extended family still talks about, and at the same time, admit adequate air to the skin in order to allow air evaporate, you really have to consider settling for the Men’s Santa Light Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Men’s Happy Birthday Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Men's ugly christmas sweaters

This is probably the most real ugly Christmas sweater out there. You will have a difficult time finding another men’s ugly Christmas sweater featuring God’s son with a party balloon and hat in a fine, sold green background. Like the other Tipsyelves product reviewed above, this sweater was wholly fashioned with premiere acrylic yarn. It also has reinforced seams and double panel construction.

The machine-washable wear fits great, is fairly light in weight and does a fantastic job of freeing trapped perspiration to keep the body dry. Of course, this bodes well for comfort when it’s most needed.

Reindeer Climax Tacky Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you want something more frighteningly disturbing but of the same quality, you can settle for the Reindeer Climax Tacky Christmas Sweater which features climaxing reindeer in a navy blue background and an upper red and white diamond design.

Men's Ugly Christmas Sweaters


  • Very odd and ugly;
  • Effectively protects the body from harsh conditions and cold climate;
  • True to size, fits fine,
  • Laundered by washing machine;
  • Breathable wear, it frees trapped perspiration to keep body dry;
  • A high-quality sweater.


  • Sizing isn’t as precise as one may anticipate.


This Tipsyelves product didn’t forsake having the ability to protect one from harsh conditions and cold climate. While the material used for the garment is effective in providing the warmth needed from sweaters, the design didn’t fall short of what’s needed in Ugly Christmas sweaters. It is a hilarious and an odd lovely sweater for the holiday season.

Gift giving for X-mas caused a lot of emotional and mental stress until the coming of Ugly Christmas Sweaters. The hilarious men’s ugly Christmas sweaters reviewed above would plant a lasting memory in the hearts of the amazing guys in your life.

While they are of good quality to offer the warmth desired from sweaters, they are comfortable to wear, very unsightly and uglified with Christmas themes and designs that spread the love of the holiday season.


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