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Clarity 2 – The One Chip Digital Camera Solution

Clarity 2.0 offers the most advanced feature set available at the highest level of integration for the development of a digital camera or imaging system. Thus, Clarity 2 based designs can achieve minimum cost and complexity. Several Rapid Development Kits and Engineering Evaluation Kits are offered so as to make initial product development rapid and simple. The Engineering Evaluation Kit is designed to provide an engineer with a development environment for testing design changes, sensor performance and software modifications. The Rapid Development Kits are designed to enable OEM customers to rapidly deploy a Clarity 2 based product. These include:

Product Description Photo
SV1301 RDK A CMOS VGA Digital Camera with Sound, Compact Flash, NTSC/PAL Video, USB and a Kopin Micro Display
SV1300 RDK A 1.3Mpixel IBM CCD Digital Camera with Flash, Compact Flash, LCD Display, NTSC/PAL Video, USB and Sound
SV1500 RDK A 1.45Mpixel Sony CCD Digital Camera with Flash, Compact Flash, LCD Display, NTSC/PAL Video, USB and Sound
Engineering Evaluation Kit A Development Board with Compact Flash, SSFDC, Various Sensors, Various Displays, SDRAM, NVRAM, USB, RS-232, CMount Lens, Shutter, Power Supply, Sound, Time of Day, Flash and more…

The Clarity 2 ASIC combines into a single 208 pin IC: a contemporary high-speed ARM RISC processor with all of the peripherals and image processing tools needed for a contemporary digital camera design. You can select between various optional peripherals based upon suitability to your own vertical market requirements. Other than external memory and sensor, complete camera designs can require no additional circuitry.

The Clarity 2 ASIC Features include:

  • ARM720 RISC Processor
    • 8K bytes Cache
    • Interrupt Controller
    • MMU
    • Timer
    • 5 DMA Controllers with FIFOs
  • Several I/O Alternatives
    • USB
    • RS-232
  • Several Display Alternatives
    • NTSC/PAL Composite Video
    • Digital LCD Panel
    • Kopin Cyberdisplay
  • Several Sensor Alternatives
    • Most Popular CCDs including Sony, Sharp and IBM (up to 6 MPixel)
    • VVL CMOS 800k and 1.2M Pixel Sensors
  • A/D Alternatives
    • 10 Bit
    • 12 Bit
  • I2C Bus
  • Several Removable Storage Alternatives
    • Compact Flash
    • SSFDC (Smart Media)
  • Synchronous DRAM Support for up to 64 Mbytes
  • NVRAM Support for 1-4Mbytes
  • CODEC Interface for Sound
  • Numerous General Purpose I/O
  • Support for Several Lens and Shutter Alternatives
    • Focal Plane Shutter
    • Fixed Focus Lens
    • Auto Focus Lens
    • C-Mount
    • Zoom Support
  • Advanced Firmware Library
    • Nucleus Operating System
    • Image Processing Library
    • GUI Library
  • Advanced Host Software Library
    • PC
    • Macintosh

Clarity 2 ASIC Physical Properties:

  • 208 Pin PQFP Package
  • 200mA @ 3.3 Volts (with DRAM included)
  • I/O Pin Drivers with either 2mA or 4mA capability
  • 0-70 degrees C