Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Any mountain bike rider will tell you that best mountain bike gloves are an essential accessory. Initially, this tough piece was considered a typical cold-weather protection equipment. However, this narrative has changed, and gloves have now become an integral part of mountain bike riding. Perhaps this is because of the anticipated benefits that these fantastic devices offer.

Whether you need to wipe out the sweat from your face during a ride, you are an individual who is susceptible to hand injuries, or you are just a long distance ride who needs some form of protection for his hands, cycling gloves are must-have cycling gear.

Mountain bike gloves will always keep your hands warm when riding in cold conditions. Of course, they are highly versatile and can also keep you comfortable even during the relatively hotter period. Arguably most important, wearing gloves allows you to break a fall with your hands, thus preventing potentially dangerous injuries to other parts of your body. The prospect of throwing your hands onto the surface to protect your body is a true survival response but could result in fatal skin injuries without adequate protective gloves.

The best mountain bike gloves come equipped with great rubbery, gripping palms which allow you to grasp slick handlebars comfortably, regardless of whether you are riding in humid or wet condition. Simply put, that extra grip offered by cycling gloves give you better control of your bike since your hands are less likely to slip each time you make those daring turns on the trail.

Currently, there are numerous mountain bike gloves out there on the market, a phenomenon that perhaps makes it difficult to choose the best possible pair of gloves. However, we have narrowed these options down to the top recommended among the best mountain bike gloves currently available right now.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves

Before we delve into what makes these gloves stand among the good MTB gloves, let’s look at some specific factors that should guide you toward identifying the best option for your riding need, such as:


Be sure to get mountain bike gloves that fit. In this regard, the gloves must not be too tight or too loose; instead, they should be snug.


Typically, mountain bike gloves come with padding in the palm area to protect your arms against the friction created by the bike handlebars. Most good gloves have adequate texture on the side of the handlebar for optimal comfort. Making mountain biking as comfortable as possible is arguably one of the greatest challenges faced by most cyclists.


Your primary consideration should be the material. The inside part of the mountain bike gloves must feature a durable and soft material whereas the outer portion should be waterproof. Gloves featuring dual layers on the palm are regarded as the best.


Though not necessary, it is equally important. There are at least two styles to chose from. One is the half-finger gloves, and the other is the full-finger gloves. Half-finger mountain bike gloves will only cover half of your fingers. As a mountain bike rider, I would highly recommend that you select full-finger gloves. They are available in both mechanical and sporty designs and offer maximum support, protection, and comfort.

Our Top-rated Mountain Cycling Gloves

Luminite Endura Thermal Cycling Gloves

Luminite Endura Thermal Cycling Gloves

The Endura is a highly durable pair of gloves that boasts of a pre-curved construction. As a rider, the last thing you want to experience is your hands slipping off the handlebar. This particular mountain bike glove features silicon grips intended to keep your hands perfectly glued to your mountain bike. Bearing in mind that this pair of gloves features a seam-sealed internal breathable waterproof membrane, it will prevent moisture from getting into your hands thus allowing you to remain dry even when riding on a rainy day!

Moisture wicking is another incredible feature of a high-end mountain bike glove. The Endura Thermal gloves have a wicking inner brushed tricot that eliminates all the sweat as well as the moisture from your hands. To help enhance its gripping capacity, it also features a lightly padded gel palm.

It is also good to note that the gel helps to absorb shock and prevent numbness to your hands. Because it is made from an elastic material, the glove will always fit snugly in your hands without slipping off. Simply put, this is an award-winning glove with unmatched feel, fit and comfort.

DND GIRO Mountain Bike Gloves

The DND GIRO Gloves

Boasting of a simple, durable but elegant design, the Giro is the perfect glove for riding trails, jumps, berms, jumps as well as anything else you’ll find on your way! It has all the features you’ll expect from a typical mountain bike glove; control, durability, and fit.

It is also moisture-wicking and also features a four-way breathable mesh for both durability and comfort. What’s more, it has substantial silicone material on the braking fingers for maximum grip. This pair of glove also boasts of a large sweat removal and EVA crash pad on the exterior part of the hand to prevent any incidences of slipping. It is imperative to note that the Giro’s DND glove comes equipped with the so-called articulated fingers and this implies that the comfort, grip as well as the fitting mechanism is more than superb! It is also relatively durable, thanks to the synthetic leather construction.

If you are an ardent mountain bike rider on a strict budget but wants a top-end product at an affordable cost, the Giro is the way to go.

Pearl Izumi – Men’s Ride Cyclone Gel MTB Glove

Pearl Izumi – Men’s Ride Cyclone Gel Glove

This is arguably the lightest pair of gloves available. It has a long gauntlet design that will always keep your wrists warm by preventing the unwanted leakage of air. It is reasonably durable and is composed of a variety of materials, including polyurethane, polyamide, chloroprene rubber and polyester.

The one to one Glove Fit Technology at its disposal optimizes finger dexterity for both braking and shifting. What’s more, it has Elite Softshell fabric on its back to provide superior moisture and wind protection. The gel padding is intended to create bridges over Median and Ilnar nerves for incredible riding comfort. The leather palm is not only durable but super soft as well. The reflective elements at its disposal are ideal for low-light visibility. Overall, the Pearl is a versatile mountain glove worth considering.

Fox Racing Reflex Gel Cycling Bike Gloves

The Reflex Gel Fox Racing Cycling Bike Gloves


This is a full finger mountain bike glove with a dual layer Clarino palm for maximum grip and also comes with adequate gel inserts for additional cushioning. The useful silicon grips allow your fingers to stick to the bicycle levers. What’s more, it comes equipped with an absorbent microsuede component on the thumb for wiping and eliminating all the sweat that forms inside your hands during the ride.

They are ideal for all-day rides and will always remain supportive and comfortable. Even though they are not adequately insulated as you would want, based on the cost as well as their impressive features, they are performance-oriented pair of cycling gloves.

Giro Men’s Dure Strate Supergel Mountain Bike Gloves

Giro Men’s Dure Strate Supergel Gloves

You would always want to have a perfect cycling gloves that focus on dexterity and protection when racing through technical trails. This particular mountain bike glove is a typical example of a sturdy, versatile, durable and innovative piece of equipment that is well adapted to such kind of a riding environment.

It was designed explicitly for exceptional cushioning, thanks to the double layer Technogel with Rebound foam padding. Its unique construction and design not only eliminates the bulky feel of the other ultra plush bike gloves but equally enhances the much-needed feel, comfort and fit. It will serve you for an extended period, thanks to the highly durable AX Suede palms.

The Bottom Line

We have given you an honest review of the best cycling gloves to choose from and make your cycling more enjoyable and safer.

Mountain bike gloves are essential devices for cyclists. Cycling in rocky and mountainous regions is a potentially dangerous adventure. You can protect your hands efficiently by putting on a high-quality pair of gloves. What’s more, gloves will make your cycling more comfortable by ensuring that your hands remain firmly connected to the bike handler.