Helmet Mirror Review

If You love cycling, you know how cycling on city streets is always hard. Well, I found the perfect solution for the city riders. The Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror. As the name suggests, this mirror offers cyclists a real third eye experience, which lowers chances of accidents on the road. Most bicycles, both sports and recreational have no side mirrors. The lack of a side mirror makes it difficult for a rider to detect what is happening on the street behind them. The Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror brings new ingredients to the table hence making bicycle riding more fun and safe.

How The Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror Works

For one, the mirror only works with a foam helmet. The mirror cannot be attached to a hard shell helmet that lacks foam lining. The good news is that most helmets have a foam interior casing, making the mirror usable on most helmets. The mirror is attached to the form using form tape then attached to the Velcro. Once you have the stick-like part of the mirror attached to the helmet, you can twist the mirror at the pivot to view any direction. Actually, the mirror can rotate 360 degrees.

Features Of Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror

The mirror is mainly made up of three main parts.
-The mirror it self-which is a small rearview mirror.
-The connection stick. The stick is very thin and barely visible.
-The clasps are used to hold on to the soft foam part of the helmet. The stick part of the helmet is made of plastic which makes it light and easy to use.


  • The mirror has plenty of advantages since it has got no alternative.
  • The third eye mirror is very light making it usable by everyone even children.
  • It is also very easy to mount and can be done by anyone without technical knowledge.
  • The mirror is helpful when riding city streets to view what is happening behind hence can be used for safety.


The biggest disadvantage of this mirror is that it cannot be used on non-foam helmets. There are several people who use non-form helmets and it becomes more difficult for them to use the mirror since it can not hold on firmly. The stick part of the helmet is also a little too light and can easily break in case of an accident.

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Bottom line

The Third Eye Foam Helmet Mirror is a good way to protect yourself when riding your bicycle at all times. Be warned of danger from behind when riding busy roads. The mirror can also be used by sports cyclists to track competitors from a distance. The experience of using the mirror has proved that it is better than none. Although, the manufacturers may need to do some improvements such as producing mirrors that can hold on to hard shell helmets. The mirror itself is fine with the ability to turn through a 360 degrees radius. It is the best way to protect yourself when cycling and make sure you know what is coming from behind.