Bike Helmet Mirrors

Previously denounced as geeky and unfashionable by a number of bike riders, the use of bicycle helmet mirrors has gained lots of popularity in recent times. Perhaps this is because bike riders have now realized the potential benefits offered by these wonderful safety accessories. In fact, they have become one of the must-have safety gadgets in the cycling industry, and if you have not yet tried using one, you are probably losing a lot.

As compared to handlebar mirrors, a bike helmet mirror has a lot of advantages. They not only guarantee better vision, but they are easy to install and remove, are less likely to break and equally flexible.

So what should you take into consideration before purchasing a bicycle helmet mirror?

Having experimented and used a good number of these safety devices, I have noted that most individuals are still in the dark regarding how to select the best bike helmet mirror. So I have selected some of the most critical factors that should guide you toward finding the best bike helmet mirrors.

• Fastening mechanism: You should go for helmet-mounted mirrors equipped with adhesive patches since you can easily transfer them from one helmet to another. Simply put, they are highly versatile. In this regard, the bike helmet mirrors such as the Third Eye Pro Helmet Mirror gets the nod.

• The weight: A relatively heavier bike helmet mirror can be incredibly uncomfortable especially for those with weaker neck muscles. If you didn’t know, it might force you to bend your head in an awkward position. A lightweight helmet-mounted mirror is the best.

• Is your bike helmet mirror flexible? A highly flexible bike helmet mirror will give you the opportunity to bend it to the ideal position which helps enhance your rearview. In this regard, you should go for the Reflex CycleAware Bike helmet mirror which is currently touted as the only available a hundred percent adjustable mirror on the market.

• The size of the mirror: As always, a bike helmet mirror with a large mirror provides a better field of view.

Having known the factors that you should seriously consider, now let us review some of the best bike helmet mirrors currently ruling the market.

1. The Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror by EVT

This is undoubtedly the best bike helmet mirror. It is a high-end and industrial-grade bike helmet mirror that stands tall above the rest, thanks to its impressive features. It boasts of ergonomic and lightweight design and always remains in place once installed. It features a two and a quarter-inch acrylic mirror which is large enough to offer an extra-wide rearview for a safe ride. You can easily and safely mount it in a couple of different ways without using adhesives.

This particular helmet mirror is equally highly durable, and this is because it features an impact-resistant glass. Combined with flexible tubing secured with flex ties this bike helmet mirror is guaranteed not to loosen under any circumstance. Unmatched safety, durability, functionality and sturdy construction all make this device the best helmet mirror. It is a must-have gadget for anyone who usually rides among crowds.

2. Bike Mirror Adjustable Helmet Mirror

Here is another fantastic helmet mirror that comes covered with a lifetime free parts-replacement warranty. It is not only feather-light but equally sturdy and performance-oriented. If money is an issue, the adjustable bike helmet mirror is a hard one to pass up. Its crystal clear flat mirror allows you to safely and accurately judge the distance of the objects behind you.

It is simple to install and easily adjusts to all angles. Regarding durability, its relatively stronger and attractive aluminum and polymer construction not only makes it featherweight but equally provides the much-needed ultra-strength. It is easy to install and seamlessly attaches to your bike helmet in less than a minute thanks to its ultra-robust Velcro pad. All you need is to line it up exactly where you want and lock it in your preferred adjustment. Once in position, it stays there without vibrations.

3. Pro Third Eye Mirror, Adhesive and Fits most Helmets

This is a highly versatile bicycle helmet mirror that features a shatter-proof glass mirror that never discolors. It perfectly mounts on either side of your helmet. It offers flexibility, adjustability, stability as well as incredible range.

Thanks to the available adhesive pad, you can easily attach it to nearly all types of motorcycle helmets. It is free from distortion and has arguably the largest viewing area, which is almost the same as that of a car mirror. This is a robust piece of equipment worth considering for a buy.

4. The Reflex Bicycle CycleAware Helmet Mirror

At only twenty-one grams, the CycleAware is a lightweight device. If you are an individual who plans on hitting some narrow and bending streets, then this should be your first choice bicycle helmet mirror. This is because it has a highly flexible construction that adjusts virtually in any direction.

It is both easy to install and detach and offers great depth of field of view. The large and oval-shaped glass mirror provides a decent field of view whereas the vertical construction increases the depth of field, allowing you to see a wide variety of objects behind you. The Kraton covered wire not only allows for full flexibility but durability as well.

5. Take A Look Cycling Bike Peddler Eyeglass mirror

Thanks to its three pivot points, this particular helmet mirror gives you the opportunity to find the perfect viewing angle. With the three pivot sections for optimal adjustment, you can adjust the mirror face by typically rotating it at a ninety-degree angle from the wire.

To even enhance its versatility further, it is designed to fit perfectly on both the left and right sides. Again, its three-point attachment system adjusts for a seamless and secure fit without vibration. It is imperative to note that it comes in two sizes; the compact one which has a mirror size of 20 by 37 millimeters and extends fifty millimeters as well as the normal one that extends eighty-five millimeters with a mirror size of 28 by 37 millimeters. It is a fantastic tool to help you keep an eye on the traffic behind you.

6. The Round Third Eye Helmet Mirror

Protect your neck muscles from potentially dangerous turns and stretches while straining to view what’s behind you by using the Round Third Eye helmet mirror. It is a high-quality device that is made in the United States. It is easy to install, thanks to its no-tool mount which promptly attaches to your bike in mere seconds. What’s more, the Velcro strip at its disposal is easy to adjust and also prevents it from sliding around even as you ride. It is ideal for heavy traffic and equally attaches to the visors of most helmets.

7. The PChero BIKE Helmet Mirror, 360 Degree Adjustable Rear View Mirror

If durability, versatility and excellent angle of viewing are all your priorities, then look no further than the PChero bike helmet. It features a stainless steel rod and an ABS electroplating mirror that allows you to view nearly anything behind you clearly. The sleek and lightweight design ensures that no additional weight is added to your helmet.

It is highly adjustable, and the 360-degree rotation mirror ensures that you can always find the perfect position to have a great view of the traffic behind you. It is easy to install, and you’ll only have to attach the Velcro pad on your helmet and adjust it to find the perfect viewing angle.

The Bottom Line

For you to enhance your overall safety on the road, you need to make sure that you have the best bicycle helmet mirror. These are incredibly handy devices that allow you to view the traffic behind you. In a bid to make the whole process of selecting the best bike helmet mirrors easier, we have provided you with some of the best ones that you can find out there on the market. They are affordable, dependable and durable. Make the best choice, enhance your safety on the road and enjoy your safe ride!